WGM complete another safe and successful job!

At the beginning of March, our team were called out to attend and repair a mechanical failure within the primary settlement tank located at North Berwick wastewater treatment works. A very unique project as the entire sewage works is located under the 18th tee of the Glen Golf course!

After a thorough investigation, which involved draining and cleaning the primary settlement tank, we were able to identify the root cause of the failure and also identified areas for improvement on the scraper arms. To extend the lifespan of the asset, we shot-blasted and coated the scraper arms, adding removable scraper poles and fitted new blades/scrapers


This entire project was completed within a confined space, with restricted access to the Primary Settlement Tank and combined with the progressive nature of COVID-19, extreme caution was taken to ensure the safety of not only our team but the employees of our client and sub-contractors. Due to the complexity of the project and the success our WGM team have achieved so far, our client also tasked WGM with the preventative maintenance of a second Primary Settlement Tank within the treatment works.

Congratulations to everyone involved, another safe and successful project completed by our specialist teams at WGM Engineering!

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