WGM and Orege – partnering for a green future.

In collaboration with our innovative technology partners, Orege, WGM has agreed to provide and install five sludge thickening plants for Scottish Water. These plants will significantly reduce operating costs and carbon emissions.

The technology thickens sludge by separating the water within the sludge from the solids. Sites with this innovative technology installed have seen tanker journeys reduced by up to 70%, with a corresponding reduction in cost and carbon emissions.

Ian Mathieson, WGM Managing Director, said:

“In partnership with Orege, we are delighted to support Scottish Water in achieving their ‘Beyond Net Zero’ and their ‘Great Value’ and ‘Financial Sustainability’ ambitions. This technology provides an effective solution that supports both of Scottish Water’s ambitions. WGM Engineering is committed to delivering projects and services that are designed to support circular economy principles. Projects such as this will help us to achieve our bold Net Zero ambition by 2033 as set out in our recently published route map.”

Jamie Hesketh, Wastewater Process Scientist, Scottish Water said:

The work clearly demonstrated the benefit of Orege thickening technology to Scottish Water allowing us to reduce tanker volumes by up to 70% benefiting the local residents and providing a sustainable reduction in our operational carbon footprint as we work towards Net Zero by 2040. The sludge produced could be pumped and transported by our existing tanker fleet at 8% dry solids while the filtrate contained lower NH4 and P than traditional equipment.

The new Orege equipment is immediately available to use as a plug-and-play package and we are excited about strategic implementation of SLG-F in other regions within Scottish Water.”


Pascal Gendrot, Orege CEO said:

“We are delighted to see the start of a wider strategic adoption of Orege innovative solutions by Scottish Water as part of its journey to Net Zero emissions by 2040. We believe that Scottish Water, with its framework contractors like WGM, is setting the pace for Net Zero in the UK water industry and beyond and we are excited to be part of this key initiative in the global combat against climate change. This partnership should be enhanced in 2022. With a total of 9 Orege solutions purchased in less than 18 months, Scottish Water stands out as a real strategic partner to deploy our technology and our innovative solutions in sludge recovery and treatment.”


About Orege

Orege, a player in the circular economy and sustainable development, is an international business specializing in the development and marketing of solutions for conditioning, treatment and valorisation of sludge. Subsidiary of the Eren group, Orege supports its customers in some ten countries from its sites in France, the United States, England and Germany.

Orege partners:

– The Alfa Laval Group: Scandinavian group, world leader, specializing in the development and marketing of products and solutions for separation, fluid transfer and heat exchange in the fields of energy, environment, agro-food and water.

– The Itochu Machine-Technos Corp Group (ITCMT): ITCMT is a subsidiary of the Japanese ITOCHU Corporation Group, one of the largest and most renowned “sogo shosha” (diversified trading house), which distributes and integrates industrial equipment and solutions, particularly in the fields of the environment and energy recovery.

– OREGE www.orege.com

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