• Sustainability & Carbon Management

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Sustainability & Carbon Management

Sustainability & Carbon Management

WGM is committed to the adoption of the circular economy and is adopting carbon management practices which bring carbon efficiencies and reduced costs. We aim to reduce emissions and greenhouse gases across the business to facilitate the achievement of a Carbon Neutral target date of December 2033. To do this we are actively reducing our carbon emissions across all activities and implementing energy-efficient measures including electric vehicles with plug-in charge points and utilising energy from low carbon suppliers.

We also recognise that by working with our customers, partners, neighbours, employees and key stakeholders we can make a greater contribution to a more sustainable future.

As part of this drive to reduce our carbon emissions WGM we will commence the implementation of a full carbon accounting database capturing our own activities and that of our supply chain as well as all spares and other consumables used for construction enabling us to track our carbon footprint.

Our commitment to effective sustainability is through the convergence of three distinct pillars;

  1. Economic Sustainability: Profitability and growth through collaborative sustainable activities are embedded in our culture.

  2. Social Sustainability: Working in partnership with our employees, clients, supply chain and community to create a culture where everyone can flourish in an environment where safety is paramount

  3. Environment Sustainability: Committed to a zero-carbon future for the workplace and the world