Significant progress on our Alexandria site!

We have been progressing significantly on-site at Alexandria Water Treatment Works as part of our routine maintenance programme. Our team on site have safely and successfully replaced one of the 2no Aluminium Sulphate Tanks on behalf of our client.

By working closely with our subcontractor I-SCAFF, two bespoke scaffolds have been designed, reviewed, approved and installed in line with our Temporary Works Procedures, allowing all Operatives to navigate the working areas safely at all times.

The installation of the first scaffold granted us access in and around the two Aluminium Sulphate Tanks (tank 01, tank 02), allowing our specialised mechanical team to remove the existing pipework before the removal of tank 02. By installing a second scaffold, (which included buttress support as part of the design and build) to the exterior of the main building, which allowed us to gain access to the roof area, to begin with, the removal of the roof panels which needed to take place in order to remove the first tank through the roof.

For the removal and installation of the first tank, four of the roof panels and one roof purlin were removed by our sub-contractor, Pro-Clad, which allowed us then to proceed with the Lifting Operations of the Tank. We successfully supervised a 40-tonne Mobile Crane (provided by Forbes) and HIAB to remove and install the new Aluminium Sulphate Tank. Following the installation, our mechanical team established and connected the pipework to the new tank. On completion of this installation, Pro-Clad attended site to replace the roof purlin and roof panels until we are ready to remove and install Tank 01.

Over the next couple of weeks, our Electrical Team will be installing new containment and cables for the connection, testing and commissioning of Tank 02. Once Tank 02 is in full service, we will repeat the process for Tank 01.

All WGM employees and sub-contractors working on this project have adhered to strict COVID restrictions impeccably and to the highest standard, and always with our 5 Golden Rules in mind in how we are planning and delivering our works on site

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