Off-Site Modular Build

Off-Site Modular Build

At WGM Engineering our Service Centres, located in Glasgow and Livingston, are able to facilitate the delivery of a range of manufacturing and repair services across our current and future client base. Our service centres are equipped with a machine shop, which is aimed at providing a medium to light engineering solutions. Demonstrating experience in multiple disciplines, our engineers have collaborated with a variety of clients with different engineering requirements, building an extensive portfolio covering the manufacturing and repair of apparatus.

Off-Site Modular Build Capabilities

Our WGM Engineering Service Centre provides a ‘Turnkey Capability’, returning equipment to an ‘as new’ operating condition. With their extensive knowledge and Original Equipment Manufacturer information, experienced WGM personnel are able to conduct repairs and complete refurbishments against the designated client repair standard. We have the capability and understanding to, either work or create a client-driven Quality Plan whereby the customer can visit the Service Centre to review the repair at the agreed ‘Hold Points’ built in across the key stages of the job. Our repair and machine shop capabilities are all housed under the same roof, ensuring that all areas of the repair/refurbishment are implemented under the same quality programme, understood by all involved parties. Other capabilities include:

  • Turning capacity up to 5m in length

  • Horizontal and Vertical boring

  • Slotting capability up to 16”

  • Dynamic Balancing up to 1.5T

  • Motor Rewind and Testing facility

  • Pump overhaul and Testing of submersible pump up to 3OOkW.

  • Coatings facility handling repairs more than 6m.

Off-Site Modular Build