PM Case Study One

Installation Works & Refurbishment

Dalmarnock Wastewater Treatment Work

WGM Engineering has been working on a multi-phase, multi-million-pound project at Dalmarnock Wastewater Treatment Works which will deliver essential upgrades to the infrastructure affecting the surrounding areas in the east end of Glasgow. The refurbishments which are being carried out are in collaboration with Scottish Water Tier 1 contractors. WGM Engineering has been closely working with Scottish Water since late 2016 on the multi-phase project at Dalmarnock Wastewater Treatment Works in the east end of Glasgow. The works were installed in the late 1960s and as such the site requires significant investment to enable it to deal with modern day – and future – challenges.

Phase 1B – Inlet Works

Working in synergy with designers Wood, contracted by Scottish Water, the necessary surveys and tests were carried out to enable the specification for the replacement of the existing large shaft driven pumps with new dry well submersible models. In addition to the pumps themselves, a new Motor Control Centre is currently under construction on the site of previous buildings which were required to be demolished.

Multi-disciplinary collaboration

With the demolishing of existing buildings, major groundworks, construction of three new buildings and the procurement and installation of the equipment – Switchgear, Transformers and MCC -housed in these buildings, efficient management of the project is vital to ensure effective organisation between the many interfaces, both internal and external. In addition, Scottish Water daily operations and the 1A phase of the project has been running concurrently on site, with another Tier 1 Managed Delivery contractor having a constant presence. This requires thorough planning and communication to ensure efficiency and safety throughout the site.

WGM Engineering


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