Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

At WGM Engineering our Mechanical Engineers are adaptable, flexible and have an extensive knowledge of our client base manufacturing processes and basic equipment operation. Our mechanical engineers cater for a wide range of disciplines, methods and techniques and are trained in all the relevant processes which relate to mechanical engineering.

Our team of Mechanical engineers have accrued many years of experience dealing with specialist tools and the repair, maintenance, installation and commissioning of rotational equipment. Supporting several key delivery areas, our personnel within WGM have gained a comprehensive knowledge of a range of sub-processes which include: pipe design, pipe fitting, welding, general fitting techniques and lifting operations.

With successful delivery across many sectors including industrial and utilities, we have built an extensive portfolio of projects and a comprehensive knowledge base. At WGM we ensure that every client receives a consistent delivery outcome by selecting individuals who are tailored to the specialist service required whilst maintaining the highest quality of Health and Safety standards.

Mechanical Engineering Capabilities

WGM Engineering offers a front-end delivery team with extensive skills which utilise over 30 years of industrial experience. All Engineers are fully trained in lifting and slinging operations and are certified to work within Water and Waste environments. Our engineers have gained experience in the use of laser alignment tools and equipment and are technically trained to work in High-Risk confined spaces. WGM Engineering offers a unique emergency service which caters to the client 24/7, 365 days of the year, this ensures that all customers are continuously supported. Our key mechanical capabilities include:

  • Provision of key mechanical services in rotational equipment repair, maintenance, installation and commissioning

  • Scoping of mechanical assembly type tasks and site supervision

  • Delivery of minor project tasks involving equipment and machinery as used across the utility sector such as pumping, screening, sludge preparation and solids handling

  • Delivery of work across the industrial base involving repair of mechanical equipment and supply of specialised and skilled labour in the areas of rotational equipment

  • Support labour only contract where individuals and teams are engaged to work under the separate supervision

  • Higher skilled maintenance involving detailed troubleshooting of hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

At WGM Engineering we ensure that all projects are delivered responsibly and sustainably and are underpinned by our dedication to Health and Safety. Explore our case studies to discover more information about the complete turnkey ‘Total Service’ which we offer.