EE Case Study 1

Building Services Upgrade & Process Equipment Protection

East Rogerton

The East Rogerton upgrade project was an example of delivering the WGM internal collaboration vision with our Electrical Department working alongside our Civils Business Stream. The Project work scope was to deliver the site associated building roof upgrades for both the South Tower & North Tower. To facilitate the roof upgrades, the electrical building services had to be removed and relocated.

During the scope development phase of the project, it was apparent that the existing electrical equipment which forms part of the building services within each Tower was in a state of despair. WGM was quick to identify this issue and as such was instructed by our client, ESD to proceed in delivering a cost-effective solution, providing a fully compliant site and hence providing Scottish Water with a safe working environment.

For each building the electrical work to be completed consisted of the following:


  • Removal & disposal of existing high-level 230Vac Lighting & Heaters.

  • Installation of new high-level 230Vac Lighting.

  • Removal & relocation of the high level associated process cabling.

  • Removal high Level associated cable management & containment accessories.

  • Installation of new high-level cable management & containment accessories.

  • Removal of the existing obsolete Building Services Distribution Board.

  • Installation of new Building Services Distribution Board.

  • Full provision of NICEIC Certification & new Distribution Board Schedules.

  • Provision of an Authorised Person for the duration of the works to comply with client Electrical Safety Rules.

Electrical Safety Authorised Person (Low Voltage)

East Rogerton

As part of the on-site construction delivery, our client requested the presence of an Authorised Person for the duration of the electrical installation works and commissioning phases.

An Authorised Person must demonstrate their knowledge and experience, be familiar with the type(s) of equipment and installations that they are required to carry out work on, including where appropriate hazardous area equipment, be capable of issuing a low-voltage ‘Permit to Work’, ‘Sanction to Test’, ‘Certificate of Electrical Disconnection’, ‘Limitation of Access’ and managing electrical safety on site having received instruction in the treatment of persons suffering from electric shock, including resuscitation techniques.

Onsite duties and responsibilities included applying low-voltage self-isolation procedures, undertaking low-voltage switching operations, controlling work on low-voltage systems, issuing and cancelling ‘Permits to Work’, ‘Sanctions to test’, ‘Certificates of Electrical Disconnection’ and ‘Limitation of Access’ on low-voltage equipment in accordance with the Electrical Safety Rules, ensuring that test equipment is maintained in good condition, reporting any dangerous occurrences or accidents and ensuring that all persons working under his or her control are experienced and qualified for the task they have to perform, inspecting and signing off electrical installation prior to energising of the system, ensuring that routine inspections, testing and maintenance of LV equipment (such as switchgear, protection and batteries) are carried out as required, undertaking regular electrical site safety inspections, whenever an electrical sub-contractor starts on site, ensuring that suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) is used for the associated electrical work.


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