CE Case Study Two

Flow Meter Replacement & Valve Install

Loch Turret Treatment Works

The 33” Loch Turret outlet main is the primary water source for the west coast of Scotland, feeding nearly 60,000+ properties directly including Grangemouth refinery with a wider network of over 300,000 customers. The main has a daily output of about 70 million litres of water a day. The high-risk nature of this work means a significant amount of time was spent planning & programming, whilst also considering the clients’ needs for continued delivery of its water supply. It highlighted WGM’s commitment in working closely with all divisions of Scottish Water to safely construct & deliver all aspects of the work.

  • Supply, cut & fusion weld 150m x 500dia SDR17 overland bypass pipework

  • Load test lifting points + all plant & lifting equipment

  • Fill, flush, pressure test & BACTO sample pipework in line with DOMS regulations

  • Construction of manhole chambers for bypass valve arrangement

  • Excavate & with temporary works expose 33” steel outlet water main at 2no. locations

  • Calliper 33” main & fabricate offsite 2no. under pressure, saddles to suit

  • Concrete thrust blocks surrounding the saddles

  • Drilling & line stop equipment to isolate a section of live water main and divert through the bypass

  • Keel Cutting equipment to remove a section of 33” steel water main

  • Pipe work & fittings to suit new meter arrangement including contingency arrangement

  • Electrical commissioning and telemetry tie-in

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