CE Case Study One

Concrete Foundations & Hardstanding

Airth Wastewater Treatment Works

WGM Engineering is that we offer whole-project capability from initial feasibility, through consenting and design stages, onto installation, commissioning and ongoing operational support. Projects inevitably include a risk element and if the project is to proceed within a reasonable timeframe some risk must be accepted. We will always try to remove risk at the earliest possible project stage, and certainly, before significant costs are incurred. We will maintain a risk register and share this with the client.

The contract was carried out on behalf of Scottish Water to construct a new Waste Water treatment plant. The value of the contract was £1.3m and included a wide range of operations. The scope of works was to construct the new plant on the same site as the existing ageing operational plant. The work was undertaken in conjunction with the existing plant in full operation with no disruption to the service.

Airth Wastewater Treatment Works

The works include construction of new reinforced filtration tanks, concrete foundations for mechanical and electrical equipment. The drainage works encompassed various services from new inlets/outlets, pump pipework, water supply and surface water management. Liaison with mechanical and electrical contractors was key to ensuring plant operated as designed. The nature of the works included working at height, confined spaces, DOMS and water hygiene. A complex layout of ducting was installed to supply new pumps, electrical control units and new lighting columns with uninterrupted power supply. The works were finished off with a variety of hard finishing including concrete road/hardstanding gravel paths and surrounds and road surfacing for tankers and service vehicles. The key feature within the Civil Engineering works consisted of the following:

  • Site clearance

  • Excavation

  • Surface Drainage

  • Reinforced Concrete Construction

  • Manhole Construction

  • Water Management

  • Pump Installation

  • Hard & Soft Landscaping

  • Traffic Management

  • Surfacing

  • Ducting/ Lighting Installation

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Safety and wellbeing are at the heart of everything we do, meaning we always go home safe and well. WGM Engineering promise to stop any unsafe activities and take the responsibility for our own safety and the safety of others. WGM’s commitment to safety ensures that we place safety and wellbeing before business profit.