Project Review: Ballylumford Power Station

WGM Engineering was once again chosen as the preferred repairer for two Circulating Water pumps at Ballylumford Power Station,  County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Providing power to over half of the province, Ballylumford power station is the largest in Northern Ireland.

Both pumps had been in service since the last pump refurbishment conducted over 9 years ago at the WGM Glasgow Service Centre. The outage this time was set at only 4 weeks but with the previous expertise and knowledge still in place, WGM were ideally placed to carry out the work against the challenging timescale.

A visit to the site was carried out to discuss the removal and repair tasks with the Ballylumford team. A quality plan was then prepared to itemise the work procedures, witness points, hold points and detail the actions to enable the repair works to progress and be completed within the scheduled timescale.

The pumps were fully overhauled to the original design specification detailing with engagement and involvement of the Ballylumford site team.

To improve the performance of the units within a seawater environment, each unit was coated with ‘Belzona 1341 Supermetalglide’ internally and externally across the lower areas from Bellmouth to the Diffuser with the upper discharge sections coated with Belzona 5811 Immersion Grade.

Each pumps weighing 12.5 tonnes each, without the drive motors attached, operate in an arduous environment and require to be returned with the correct materials, tolerances and clearances in place to ensure the length of service can be maintained in line with operational requirements of the station.

“WGM provided an impressive and complete packaged service. The team removal of the pumps, strip down reports, overhaul, installation and their excellent turnaround time provided exactly what we needed during our short outage window. A very professional and thorough outfit who importantly kept in touch with us throughout the job, many thanks from Northern Ireland.” – Josh Logan – Mechanical Engineer (CW Pumps Ballylumford Power Station)


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