• Community Spirit & Involvement

    Community is at the heart of all we do

Community Spirit & Involvement

Community Spirit & Involvement

Community is at the heart of everything we do.  WGM aim to have a positive impact on our community by making meaningful connections with our clients and customers. Whether on a short-term, one-off project or through creating long-term collaborative relationships with local community groups. We recognise that being involved in our community provides benefits for the individuals or organisations we are helping and is also hugely rewarding for the WGM team members involved.

As part of WGM objectives and commitments set out each year, we actively look for opportunities to support local community initiatives and charities.  Recent community projects have been carried out by WGM at the RDA Glasgow Group, a local horse-riding facility that caters for disabled riders, and the Preshal Trust, a registered charity based in Glasgow which supports individuals suffering from the effects of social exclusion.

We remain committed to helping people in the community back into work and have been working with a local charity which provides support to disadvantaged and vulnerable adults in Glasgow who lead difficult lives.  Our aim is that by providing work placements we can support skilled people from the local area back into work.