Our 5 Golden Rules

“Even during this unprecedented period, safety will remain our unwavering priority. That is why we will embed the 5 Golden Rules into the fabric of our culture.” – Ian Mathieson, WGM Managing Director.

“To say that people may be distracted from their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic would be a significant understatement. From a safety perspective, it’s important to remember that distracted employees are more prone to make mistakes. Right now, our employees are likely to be asking themselves multiple questions: How long will COVID-19 last? How will my employment be affected? Is my family safe? When people get distracted from their jobs, safety incidents tend to go up.

This is why WGM have chosen this time to introduce our 5 Golden Rules. We believe following these rules will significantly reduce the likelihood of a preventable incident occurring. Minimising risk is at the forefront of what we do, from the winning of work, through to our design, construction, commissioning and onwards into our operations and maintenance.

Only by setting the highest standards for ourselves will we be able to retain the trust of our customers, supply chain and the public.  Adherence to our 5 Golden Rules means no injury, ill-health or incident caused by our work activities.

It’s hard to imagine a recent time during which the present and the future both seemed so fragile. But even during this unprecedented period, safety will remain our unwavering priority.

That is why we will embed the 5 Golden Rules into the fabric of our culture.”


Helping our Community – Work Experience

In February, we were delighted to have Robert Malkin join us at WGM Engineering for a week of work experience. Currently, in his second year of his HND studying Mechanical Engineering at Forth Valley College. Robert has been accepted into the third year of the Heriot-Watt Engineering Degree Programme. Prior to the commencement of his Degree Programme, he wanted to further develop his understanding of the practical applications of engineering and we were only too happy to help!

During his week of work experience, Robert spent time with our Engineered Solutions team, learning about the design of steel structures, assembling pumps and safe use of systems. Spending time with our fabrication team, we demonstrated how to create a 3D model of a live tender project using Tekla structure software. We also created a stainless steel badge of the amateur football team he plays with as a memento of the week he spent with us!

At the end of his week of work experience, Robert had the following to say:

I found my week of work experience highly beneficial in terms of developing my knowledge and understanding of the operations and functions of pumps, but most importantly providing me with an insight into all of the work that WGM Engineering completes.

The week spent at WGM Engineering has helped to further increase my interest in all aspects of engineering and I was particularly interested in the design of steel structures, manufacturing processes (i.e. plasma cutting), pump design and assembly, and the safety systems utilised by the company.

I am extremely thankful to the team at WGM for looking after me and teaching me a huge amount in a small space of time. I also appreciated how supportive and friendly the team were towards me and I am thankful for the amount of time they each dedicated to helping me.

Once again, thank you for a superb week and I wish you all the best for the future” 

Our Engineered Solutions Director, Ian Farrell, had the following to say about Robert,

“If Robert continues his career in Engineering with the enthusiasm and keenness he displayed over his time at WGM he will enjoy huge success.

He showed a great drive to learn all about the many areas of WGM, including Fabrication, Engineering Design, Pump Repair and Electrical Safety.

We will be keeping in touch with Robert throughout his studies and continue to support and aid his development.” 

Well Done Robert, we look forward to seeing you soon!

Changing Behaviours Saving Lives – WGM Health, Safety & Wellbeing Conference 2019

Changing Behaviours, Saving Lives


WGM Engineering – Health, Safety & Wellbeing Conference 2019

‘Safety and wellbeing are at the heart of everything we do at WGM, meaning that we all go home safe and well. We truly believe that by working collaboratively, we can deliver a sustainable level of safety and wellbeing.” – Ian Mathieson (WGM Managing Director).

Between 2018/2019, 28.2 million working days were lost due to work-related illness and workplace injury. 1.4 million working people were suffering from a work-related illness and a devastating 147 workers were killed at work. Everyone should go home safe and well.

Our 2019 Health, Safety & Wellbeing conference featured a packed agenda of interesting, engaging and informative speakers. This included our keynote speaker, Peter Farrer (Scottish Water – Chief Operating Officer), who presented an insight into the changing culture of Health & Safety and the impact shadow which leaders have on the wider team and organisation. Our WGM Civil Engineering Director Kevin Seabeck provided us with a powerful and hard-hitting story, detailing a personal experience of a fatality which he encountered on site. We were also delighted to have Dr. Tim Marsh and ‘The 2Macs’ provide two excellent sessions, which involved audience participation and a unique view on understanding mental health and wellbeing. Throughout the day we provided delegates with the opportunity to relay their opinions in live interactive sessions.

‘Changing Behaviours, Saving Lives’ was thoroughly enjoyed by all delegates, who provided very useful and positive feedback.