Mechanical Apprentice – James Masterson

James Masterson

Mechanical Apprentice

I am nearly half way through my Mechanical Engineer Apprenticeship and really enjoy it. Spending one day a week at college and four days in the WGM workshop. I really enjoy it as it means I can learn and work at the same time. When working with my Grandad, I got interested in the trade as I worked weekends in a Timber yard. I also started helping out in my Grandas carwash company from the age of 14 then started helping out with the maintenance of the machinery so I found that I really enjoyed using the tools and being able to fix something myself. I also wanted to get a trade to always fall back on. I am very interested in going as far as I can with my qualifications and learning all areas of the Mechanical Engineering trade.

I mostly work on pumps gaining knowledge of the bearings and seals and doing some testing too. I have learned a lot about the sizes of clearance required and feel I have definitely grown as a person whilst here. I have learned a lot and get on with everyone in the workshop. I learn a lot whilst at college too and I am always given enough time to study if I need extra time in the workplace.

I really enjoy spending my time in the workshop learning new things all the time. There is a great mix of learning at college and then all the time in the workshop to learn and practice. I also work with a great bunch of guys who are always there to help me if I’m stuck. I always have someone I can ask if I need help with anything. I really enjoy being given a job that is a bit different and being able to fix it myself, with a bit of guidance! It is a great feeling.

I really enjoy working at WGM and I know a lot of the other apprentices feel the same. There is as a great mix of study and work and I feel I am really learning skills that I wouldn’t get to learn if I was purely at college. Being able to work and learn is a really good opportunity and I have lots of support there when I need it.


Mechanical Engineering Apprentice