Solutions Development Manager – Paul Ross

Paul Ross

Solutions Development Manager

I’d previously worked as a junior building services engineer with a design consultancy, and as an electrical design engineer with a multinational contractor and had picked up experience from designing and selecting equipment through to seeing it installed and serviced. This helped when joining WGM and expanding on that knowledge for putting projects together from start to finish. From there I have picked up on my management skills which have provided me with a good foundation for project management of my jobs in my current role.

On a daily basis, I manage a portfolio of projects varying in complexity and value. I coordinate the various workload across internal and external departments and suppliers to complete the construction design, equipment and material selection and ordering for the project before completing a project handover with our internal construction delivery team for site work, and keeping the client and programme teams updated.

Within my job, I really enjoy having daily interaction with various departments as it is good to keep up with people and find out what else is ongoing in the company at their positions, and being able to overcome a challenging project constraint to budget and programme is always great.

Since joining WGM Engineering in October 2011, I’ve been lucky enough to progress well with a couple of positions throughout the business and having experienced it, I aim to continue that into the future!


Solutions Development Manager