Diversity & Inclusion

As a family business we greatly value Diversity and Inclusion and want to truly embody this throughout our business. For WGM this means creating a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace for everyone. 

Our values define the way we work with each other, our partners, and our customer. They are fundamental in creating an inclusive culture in which everyone can thrive. We believe that collaboration of diverse perspectives, experiences and abilities enables us to make better decisions and deliver a first-class service to our customers.   We are committed to proactively enhancing and supporting a culture of inclusion and belonging as it is critical to our success.

Essentially, we want to create an environment where everyone feels respected and empowered to be their authentic self at work.

At WGM we want our employees to be the best version of themselves and to acknowledge, appreciate and empower each other’s differences.

Our Values

Our Values are the foundation of our corporate culture and must be embraced and practised on an individual basis by all our employees. Our values bind us together as a company and keep us working toward the same goals and objectives wherever we are and whatever we do.

Our Core Values are:

  1. Safety – Safety and well-being at the heart of everything we do, meaning we always go home safe and well.
  2. Enjoyment – Creating the right environment for people to enjoy their work
  3. Respect – To be supportive and respectful of each other
  4. Number 1 – To be the number one company of choice
  5. Family – A business with family values
  6. Recognition – We recognise and celebrate success

At WGM Engineering, we believe that our values should not only be lived but that they are displayed in our performance, actions and the behaviours of our employees and organisation as a whole.

We recognise that the foundation of our success is our amazing employees. We know that high integrity, good conduct, dedication, and excellence of our people are fundamental to our achievements. No company can be successful without engaged and competent people working well together, with the right tools to get the job done. Therefore, WGM is committed to providing a positive, productive, safe and healthy environment that ensures our employees are treated with dignity and respect, given equal employment opportunities and are provided with the right training, development and support required to thrive in their role.

Our People

WGM is committed to working as one team. We expect our employees to live our values, abide by our policies and procedures and deliver a world-class service to our clients. We encourage a visible and engaging leadership style in all our employees and urge our staff to take ownership of both their own and the Company’s success. WGM promise to build long-term working relationships, with engaged, motivated and well-trained staff at the core of the WGM business philosophy.

At WGM Engineering, our employees are key to our success, through the understanding of our vision, strategy, values and ambition we will meet our high standards and ambitions.

Ian Mathieson

WGM Managing Director

Martin Bradbury

WGM Chairman

Kevin Seabeck

Director of Civil Engineering

Iain Ross

Director of Commercial

Jeff Scott

Director of Electrical & Mechanical Services

Scott Heath

Direction of Projects

Ian Farrell

Director of Engineered Solutions

Jason Cramb

Director of Technical & Design

Joe McKie

Director of Finance

Matt Ely

Director of Pre-Construction