Charging your EV Knowledge!

Established as an OLEV approved EV charging infrastructure supplier and installer based in Scotland, WGM Engineering can support organisations that want to offer EV charging facilities.

Pressure has increased on organisations to consider installing Electric Vehicle (EV) charging facilities and establishing the ‘correct’ charging solution for each organisation is far from straightforward. Whilst evaluating the required equipment, one must identify the most suitable installation location on-site whilst ensuring minimal cost and ensuring a maximum return on investment. Each installation must be efficient, which requires several factors to be identified and evaluated. This includes:

  • Who will be using the charging equipment, staff, customers or the public?
  • What type of usage/timescales, do you expect – extended periods/overnight or short, high frequency, periods during the day?
  • How will usage volume/frequency develop over time? (is future proofing an option/target?)
  • Is grant funding available and what are the requirements to qualify for the funding?
  • What is the local electrical supply environment? (This will have a significant impact on the scope and scale of the final scheme.)
  • How might local electrical supply limitations be mitigated or managed?
  • Which organisational operational factors may be impacted by the installation process?
  • How can the relationships with the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) and Independent Connections Provider (ICP) organisations be most effectively managed and therefore timescales reduced?This is not an exhaustive list of the factors that we assess when developing an EV charging solution, but it illustrates the commitment that our EV team place on ensuring the right solution is installed and the positive impacts of your choice are maximised. We can provide technical advice about equipment selection as part of this tailored service.

WGM will complete your electrical and ground-work installation from design through to commissioning, adhering to the relevant electrical certifications. Additionally, we will confirm your specific electrical distribution network is compliant with the most up to date edition of BS 7671 wiring regulations.

If you are considering the installation EV charging and would like to discuss the options get in touch with Malcolm McRobert. malcolm.mcrobert@

WGM Engineering Go Green!

Our team at WGM Engineering have recently become one of the first engineering companies in Scotland to trial a full electric (EV) light commercial vehicle. Managing the environmental impacts of our business is central to our operations and investigating ‘sustainable’ transport options is a crucial step for WGM. Additionally, our efforts concentrated on understanding the Electric Vehicle Charging solutions available when trialling the vehicle.

The Renault Kangoo i-Van ZE33 Business has undergone a wide range of EV operational performance examinations, including; handling/manoeuvrability, range, payload and braking. Refuelling the vehicle is a significant difference, and this trial has highlighted a few of the practical differences of using an Electric Vehicle for our staff, relative to our conventional petrol and diesel vehicles.

The lessons learnt in this trial will prove very useful in any future EV rollouts. One of the challenges experienced by employees was accessing Charge points when away from our depots, which illustrates the requirement for a significant increase in EV Chargepoint installations in Scotland.

The good news is that an increasing number of organisations recognise the requirement to provide EV charging facilities for members of staff, customers and the general public. WGM is now established as an OLEV approved EV charging infrastructure supplier and installer. Whatever your requirements are, WGM will provide complete EV charging solutions and can support organisations that want to provide EV charging facilities.

Learn more about electric vehicles, their benefits such as lower running costs, how to charge, and more about the grants that are available by visiting the Energy Saving Trust website.